The Board Game

My Dream’s Way

The game will unlock your unconscious mind, helping your dreams come true.

The game will help you rediscover your true self!

You will see the results reflected in your life!

Who is The Game for?

For men and women who know how to dream or for those who want to rediscover how to do it.

The Game: for 1-6 players

The rich and multi-faceted board game will help enable your transformation. Run and hosted by a game practitioner to help you maximise results. The more often you play, the more satisfying and clearer the routes to achieving your dreams will become.

Everyone wins!

Each player enters The Game with one dream to achieve. The game establishes whether your dream is genuine. Only then does it allow the player into the process. Then, gently and with care, The Game helps the player to discover the most important answers that will enable the dream to come true as soon as possible. There are no coincidences in the game and every player is the winner.

To journey through 5 sectors

The main objective is to journey through the 5 sectors, collecting magic feathers as you progress. Special congratulations to those who collect all 5 feathers and not only retain all their resources but manage to multiply them.

“My Dream’s Way” Game is a powerful projection of life. Are you truly ready to give it 100% while staying true to yourself and multiplying your resources?

The Game Will Show You!

A powerful way to build a route to your boldest dreams, in a game format

Find your unique formula to set and accomplish the right dreams for you

Specifically designed to help you achieve your dreams in your best possible way

The Game will help you achieve a state of ‘flow’ and remain there

Diyora Abdullaeva

I played Game Your Dream's Way on June 2, 2023, very talented and highly trained coach, Irina Alexander, and her guidance helped me to see what I did not realize I was capable of. I was able to see the resources that I had ignored. During this game, I discovered that my dream was too small, and I had to expand my desires. This practice let me visualize possible obstacles and outcomes as a business owner. I am about to launch a new product, and this game helped me save hours of strategic planning. I am so grateful for being able to play this game!

It was at the beautiful space of the Private Country Club, with delicious meals and beverages. Thank you so much!

Mimi Daraa

I had the pleasure of attending a transformative event with Irina from MotivAction. We gathered in community to play this unique game which allowed me to dive deeper not only into my business goals but also showed me a new way to align these goals within my personal goals as well. The exercises in the game unpacked so many amazing thoughts, feelings and emotions beyond your regular "coaching session". It was an intimate setting as well with only a select group which gave me plenty of time to share and express my thoughts. By the end of the session not only had I created a plan to accomplish my goal (s) but I also felt connected to that plan on a deeper level then I had before. And it was so fun!!!

Irina is very creative, assertive and fun- a wonderful trio of characteristics essential to making it not only in business but as a human!

Thank you Morivaction for adding this awesome new game to your offerings. I would highly recommend it to not only business owners, but anyone looking to dream a bit bigger- put it to paper and start taking the actions to make it happen! Can't wait for the next one!

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